Comedy at Hotel McCoy!

A restored motel in the sunset with lights and a pool
Hotel McCoy is an art gallery, cocktail lounge and entertainment center you can sleep in.

Last Friday, Last Laugh brings comedy to to a mid-century landmark hotel on 29th Street at I-10.

When manager Nicole Dahlia opened the retro boutique Hotel McCoy, it was packed with local celebrities, artists, musicians, food trucks and a dash of comedy.

Nicole once helped run shows at Hotel Congress. She had been thinking about hosting a comedy night for hotel guests. She also wanted locals to come because she thought they would enjoy the hotel’s atmosphere and craft cocktails. And she was happy to add short set to her grand opening.

Long-time promoter and founding CAT advisor Chad Lehrman helped put together the hotel’s first comedy show in February. The hotel now runs a comedy series, Last Friday, Last Laugh, at 8 p.m. on the last Friday of every month.

Follow and Tucson Comedy on Facebook for all the details. And follow the link below for all the details about Hotel McCoy.

Welcome to Hotel McCoy – Tucson, Arizona

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