Get Excited! The Tucson Comedy Crawl is coming!

The busy excitement and the good stress are starting to rustle through Tucson’s comedy community. It’s festival season!

First, the Tucson Improv Movement presents the 5th Annual Tucson Comedy Arts Festival Nov. 6 -9, 2019. Shows will feature out-of-town improv, stand-up, and musical comedy guests from, coast-to-coast and right here from the Old Pueblo. Follow the TCAF updates at

Then the biggest local comedy event in Southern Arizona, the Tucson Comedy Crawl, takes place Jan. 26 – Feb. 1. That event packs all of Tucson’s regular comedy shows -weekly, monthly, quarterly– into one hilarious week with laughing places all over town. This is year number two for the crawl , sponsored by the Tucson Comedy Alliance. Last year it featured about 26 comedy events — standup, improv and storytelling — spread over the seven days. For 2019, there could be 40!

Don’t miss these opportunities to see the incredible range of Tucson comedy, then pick your favorites to follow throughout the year on


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