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Linda Ray

Formerly the world’s oldest working female rock critic, Linda Ray took up comedy at 72 so she could get to bed earlier. She jokes about being old in a young world, young in an old body and captivated by all the new things she was not brought up to understand, let alone manage.

In the ’90s, she helped IBM save the world from Y2k. In the ’80s, she helped the packaging industry tackle the Tylenol crisis.  In between she turned dozens of CPAs into sales people for themselves. And before all that, she caused named bricks to pave the courtyard of the Tucson Museum of Art.

Now, Linda is a performing member of  two house teams of the worldwide, virtual Vintage Improv Festival company and has performed standup comedy at Laff’s Comedy Caffe, Hotel Congress, The  Fox Tucson Theatre and other venues in Tucson and Phoenix.