The nonprofit Tucson Comedy Alliance aims to collaboratively grow a healthy environment for expansion in Tucson's comedy economy.

CAT offers volunteer opportunities year ‘round through its branding function, Tucson Comedy Alliance. Tucson Comedy Alliance promotes the Tucson comedy scene through its web presence, tucsoncomedy.com and TucsonComedy social media, publicity and outreach at events hosted by CAT and by business and community organizations. Use the space below to tell us what you see here that you would love to do!



Work is accepted for the website based on image quality and originality. Photographers and artists are paid $5 for each image used on the website and/or the monthly newsletter. Each submission must include location, event and names of everyone identifiable. Submitters must have their subjects’ permission for CAT to publish the image. An email or message to the submitter provides authorization. Comedians need not authorize photos since they are considered public figures. Any comedian who doesn’t want their image published must advise the photographer or artist not to submit their image. Publication is not guaranteed, but every submitter will receive feedback. Artists and comedians may submit their own copyright restrictions via creativecommons.org for consideration.

CAT invites submissions of up to 150 words of entertaining poetry, prose, links, raps, interviews, snaps, thoughts, imaginings, links, commentary, comedy history notes, comedy reviews, links and anything else amusing and non-inflammatory. The submitter will receive $5 upon publication on the website and/or newsletter. Longer work may be considered for up to $10 with prior agreement. Publication isn’t guaranteed, but every submitter will receive feedback.

Social Media

Six unpaid volunteers are needed to submit at least two posts weekly to Facebook and/or Instagram. Posts need not be original but must be attributed to their creators. All posts must include images. These volunteers will have secure access to both the Facebook and Instagram sites, and will be welcomed lavishly everywhere that anyone wants visibility.

A Tucson Comedy Alliance YouTube channel is planned for 2020. The curator will archive YouTube videos created by Tucson comedians and create a collection of their favorite artists’ videos.


Tucson Comedy Alliance arranges a booth or table at community events like TENWEST, Tucson Local First, the Loft Film Festival, etc. Volunteers talk up our scene, offer handouts about shows and collect e-mail addresses. Shifts range from 45 minutes to up to three hours.

The Meetup Mavens are our friend-makers at comedy related meetups. They attend events to talk up our local comedians and shows, refer people to tucsoncomedy.com and take down email addresses so we can stay in touch. Meetup Mavens also least may suggest and create events for the Tucson Comedy Meetup, and, most importantly, cross-promote comedy events to other Meetup groups that could be interested.

The Scheduler helps recruit volunteers, coordinate volunteer shifts, follow up with reminders and make sure that good volunteers are celebrated.

If you can help in another way not listed here, please let us know!